Dirty Dancing "That for This" OUT TODAY!


The new album from Dirty Dancing is out today! “That for This” is available on limited edition yellow vinyl through our online store! The album is also available to stream through Dirty Dancing’s bandcamp. Matt Wild of Milwaukee Record called the record a “clanging, angular, pissed-off treatise on some of [lead singer] Eric Schoen’s favorite topics: “chance, loss, love, and consumerism.”” You can stream the first single “Winning” below. Grab your copy today!

Dashcam + Harrison Colby - True Romance EP (DETAILS)


LOOKING FORWARD TO VALENTINE’S DAY? Add another reason to the list!

On February 14th,  Gloss Records and Nice FM will team up to release a digital-only EP by Milwaukee electronic producer Dashcam and Harrison Colby (NO/NO /Sex Scenes). On the collaborative True Romance, the pair tackle three cover songs, reinterpreting them into own distinctive synth-infused style. The de/reconstructed songs include:  “Confessions” (Platinum Boys), “I Wanna Be Adored” (The Stone Roses) and “Lust for Life” (Girls). The EP cover is a “cover” as well, a redesigned 8 bit version of Brian Eno and Robert Fripps 1975 album Evening Star by pixel artist Evan Mahnke. True Romance will be available 2/14/19 on bandcamp and soundcloud as a free download.

Watch the video teaser below featuring a clip of “Confessions.”

Double Debut Release Day!

Today we're honored to release the debut works from two incredible Milwaukee artists: stoner-rockers Moon Rats & visual artist Alex Scott. BOTH RELEASES ARE MARKED AT LIMITED QUANTITY. GET 'EM WHILE YOU CAN.

Alex Scott's "The People" marks not only the debut print release for Gloss Records, but also the debut of writer/illustrator Alex Scott. "The People" is a fluid story that is both easily relatable and enjoyable from people in and out of the Milwaukee music scene. Featuring depictions of Gloss artist D'Amato as well as Milwaukee band Sista Strings. 18 pages of gorgeous illustrations as well as self-reflective narrative by a Riverwest local. Alex Scott is our Frank Miller. 
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A collection of Milwaukee music-scene veterans have formed a new band, MOON RATS, and are stoked to announce the release of their debut album, HIGHWAY LORD. The band itself is an amalgamation of musicians from bands (Calliope, The Rashita Joneses, Sonic J, Myles Coyne) whose styles range wildly from folk to psych and stoner rock.

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