Marielle Allschwang “Aquarium” Video/LP Release Party

Marielle Allschwang’s voice has been described as “a timeless instrument, full of sadness, beauty, and independence, rooted in the fertile ground of Americana but twisted into the wilding sky of the avant-garde” (Matt Wild, Milwaukee Record). In her performances, she “[commands] the stage with hushed intensity” (Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express).

Gloss Records released Allschwang’s debut album, Dead Not Done, on cassette in 2015; it was featured on year-end “Best Albums of Milwaukee” lists by Milwaukee Record, Shepherd Express, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and lauded for its “Lynchian beauty and grace” (Matt Wild, Milwaukee Record).

Marielle Allschwang has teamed up with filmmaker/animator Heather Hass to produce a video for “Aquarium.” Combining esoteric, female-centric imagery, intricate set design, and obsessive rotoscope and cinemagraph techniques, Hass, Allschwang, and their team of collaborators are thrilled to present a strange and beautiful new creation at Anodyne on December 9th.

Last but not least, we welcome the epically talented Klassik as our special guest to open the show.

(Note: Vinyl is currently only available if you come to the show)