Iron Pizza / Soup Moat (Split Cassette)

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Iron Pizza / Soup Moat (Split Cassette)


Split cassette featuring two very eccentric Milwaukee bands: synth punkers Iron Pizza and sludge metalheads Soup Moat. Recorded and Produced by Harrison Colby (NO/NO) between 2014 and 2015, both sides compliment each other in ways they shouldn't.  Iron Pizza's portion of the cassette showcases their frenetic, off-the-wall melodies and lyrics while always maintains a keen pop sensibility. Soup Moat's half of the release bludgeons you with a meaty wall-of-sound and witty, low brow lyrics.

Side A: Iron Pizza
1. Satan is one of us
2. Coffee
3. Pop Punk
4. The End

Side B: Soup Moat
1. Loveseat
2. Blue Metal Snowcone
3. No Gods
4. Darrell

Limited run of 100 cassettes

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