Piles - Expeller (Vinyl)


Piles - Expeller (Vinyl)


Piles may consider themselves as "just a punk band" but to the listener they are a lot more, as evident on their latest mini-offering "Expeller." Yes, it's fast. Yes it's messy. But the band's effects-laden nods to shoegaze and their gripping vocal melodies propel their music farther than just three chords and the truth...but of course those are in there too. On "Expeller," the band peaks out from behind their wall of noise and allows for a clearer glimpse into the quality of their songwriting and the intensity of their playing. 

Side A:
1. Lacerate
2. UP
3. Reflected
4. Wires

Side B:
1. Crosseyed
2. Unnecessary Friends
3. Expeller
4. Melt

Edition of 300 black vinyl, includes download code

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