Soup Moat - Harvester of Likes (Cassette)


Soup Moat - Harvester of Likes (Cassette)



Milwaukee’s seminal sludge punk band, Soup Moat, have released their long-awaited third full-length album Harvester of Likes. Recorded in Meat Locker Studios over a two year period with Harrison Colby (NO/NO, Sex Scenes), the album is their most brutal, cohesive and melodically sound effort to date. Harvester also marks the first LP as a four-piece band, since replacing guitarist Nate Riddle with Kevin DeMars. Throughout the album, the dual-guitar attack of Jason Jolly and Riddle provide an all-new wall of terror, built on the strong rhythm foundation of Soup Moat founders Frank Knaebe (Bass) and Scott Emmerich (Drums). The album is available on cassette with digital download.

Side A:

Riff River

Navel Gaze

Combo Throne

Pocket Full of Ginger

Side B:


Warm Bread

Porn in the Woods

Jellied Arm of Law

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