Soul Low - Cheer Up (Limited Edition Pink Vinyl)

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Soul Low - Cheer Up (Limited Edition Pink Vinyl)


Set to release on Gloss Records this summer, "Cheer Up" combines the fevered pop anthems found on “UNEASY,” and their 2015 EP “Sweet Pea," along with bolder, riskier explorations of the subconscious.

The duality is heard in the frenetic, garage-pop single "Our New Deal" coupled with "JD & Me," a ghostly country-tinged tribute to Milwaukee's foremost boogeyman, Jeffrey Dahmer, while wiry Pixies vibes on “Sad Boy Freestyle” stand in contrast to the bitingly sunny opener, “Bad Set of Moods.”

“Do You Want To Die?” lead singer Jake Balistreri asks on the title track of "Cheer Up" – Catch this signature brand of optimism as Soul Low sets off across the country this summer supporting the release of the album.

Side A:
1. Intro
2. Bad Set of Moods
3. Propose to Me
4. Chancin' It
5. Could Be Nothing
6. Waterslide

Side B:
1. Sad Boy Freestyle
2. Our New Deal
3. JD & Me
4. Amputee
5. Cheer Up

Limited to 150 pink vinyl, includes download codes.
Ships week of July 28.

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